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article imageBaby Black Panther Milica Finds New Mom

By patxxoo     Jul 16, 2007 in Environment
OK I'm just a little confused here. It was reported the little baby panther Milica is now 16 days old and that her mom has killed all of her previous siblings since 1999.
So just who is this other little baby? And just who is the mom here?
Yes I love panthers and a good mystery to boot but this one is just a bit odd.
It has been reported by many that 16-day-old baby Milica has been adopted by the Rhodesian Ridgeback family since her own mother refuses to feed her and has actually killed all her previous siblings since 1999. The zoo says it is due to her mother being traumatized from the sounds of bombs and airstikes she has been through. So they had to save Milica from her mother trying to kill her.
"The mother panther has killed all her cubs since 1999," zookeeper Dragan Jovanovic said. of the Serbian Belgrade Zoo.
Now I have no issues with the adoptive mother as she seems to be doing a fine job, though it looks like she has her paws just a bit full right now. Milica is just another mouth to feed among many and she seems to be getting along just fine with her brothers and sisters.
Now my confusion comes in when I ran across this little one in the second video. Now this was posted on YouTube in April 29, 2007 and at first I thought it was just a coincidence. That is until I read the more about section and eerie similarities streamed into my head. Things such as "mother kills her cubs since 1999, Belgrade Zoo and surrogate mother" only this time the surrogate mother is a husky, though she also has her paws just a bit full also with all her offspring.
So I start comparing the videos of both the babies and find they do look alike, but I could discount that as some babies do tend to look alike. They each have different surrogate mothers and adoptive families of course. Then the similarities in surroundings are just too hard to ignore here. The blue carpeting, the wooden surrounding both are quite similar. But somehow the walls are identical.
So my questions are as follows: Is this the same baby? Or siblings born rather close togeather? As the gestation period ranges from about 12 weeks - 14 weeks. Either way, why all the mystery and just what is the truth in this riddle?
Both are rather cute if I do say so my self though (Even if I am just a little biased here.) So enjoy the videos.
But I do have issues with the surroundings the mother is in though. Is she traumatized from past war or the fact that her cage is tiny and all she can do is pace in circles with no obvious way for exercise much less anything else?
Just follow you own insticts here and run a search on the Belgrade Zoo and see what you come up with. I did and I didn't add what I found just to see what you find.
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