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Op/Ed: We Are Born With Certain Basic Human Rights

By RobotGod     Jul 15, 2007 in World
In an enlightened age and society, we are born with certain undeniable rights. Like the right to not be put into a situation where we have to be in a warzone and potentially kill another human being, no matter how much YOU love the war.
A person is ultimately commander of only his own body, soul and actions. If YOU have a war and I do not want any part in it, that is my choice if I choose not to stain my soul with blood. In an enlightened society...
It is a crime of epic proportions that anyone who chooses not to go to war should be punished. One could just as easily punish the warmongers and would be in a more righteous position to do so.
A government can not dictate the calling of a soul.
Obviously, we pretend to be enlightened, while the government lies and our flag is soaked red from money hungry white men too old to ejaculate, so they deal in a new thrill...death and taxes and oil and kickbacks.
The empty vessel soulless, leading star bright souls to death as well as death of personality.
They can waste your life and send your corporeal body to die, but they can not take your soul unless you give up.
Remember what and who you are. You are better then your leaders. For when you extinguish, you will go on...
While they remain in the hell they created...
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