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Internet Obsession Blamed for Child Neglect

By RobotGod     Jul 15, 2007 in Internet
A couple was so obsessed with the Internet and games that their kids were neglected and left to starve and suffer health problems. They had a boy age 22 months and an 11 month old girl.
They were severely malnourished and supposedly near death when doctors saw them a month ago, when social workers took them to a hospital. Now they are doing well in foster care.
At the hospital they had to shave the girl's head. It was nasty with cat urine. She was only 10-pounds, she had a mouth infection, with dry skin and of course, severe dehydration. The boy was treated for starvation and they found that he also had a genital infection. He had trouble walking because of his poor muscle development.
They both pleaded guilty to two counts each of child neglect. And both face a maximum 12-year prison sentence.
The couple were too addicted and distracted by online video games, similar to "Dungeons & Dragons" and just were not caring for these kids at all.
"They had food; they just chose not to give it to their kids because they were too busy playing video games," Viloria told the Reno Gazette-Journal.
This is just too sick for words. Some people just should not breed. How can you even be around your kids and see this and not help them? I hope they get the maximum.
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