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Rebuilding Media to Old School Types, “You Don’t Get to Blog”

By S.H. Mills     Jul 13, 2007 in Internet
Instead of interacting with audiences, the attitude of some mainstream media types, self-professed "authorities" on all things news, is one of “shut up and listen." Do these old school tactics work or is new media giving ‘em hell?
Check out Rebuilding Media for a lengthy but informative and entertaining read on this topic by Bob Cauthorn. In it, the author was as “horrified” that some media dinosaurs believed they could get people to accept their version of blogging as he was by the language they used.
Their version of blogging tends to offer nothing more than a few extra lines by a staff writer, which should have been included in the original story.
They call this blogging? Blogging is supposed to have at least a bit of personality. Blogging is to the Internet what reality shows are to TV. If people were interested in dogmatic and arrogant recitations or in being told what to think, old media wouldn’t be losing viewers and readers in droves.
We can’t really blame old media for wanting a piece of the user gen pie, but they better learn to understand the concept if they want to compete. Many old school types are too busy looking for buzzwords and trying out slang in an attempt to get some “cred.”
Instead of welcoming feedback from real people, they stubbornly continue talking down to us. Of course, not every traditional news outlet can be included in this description but the ones that are aren’t difficult to recognize.
Sorry guys, bloggers and other citizen journalists are not going away.
Some media outlets are actually warming up to the idea of user generated content. Cauthorn closes the article by discussing Morris Communication’s experiment,, which is described this way:
The people of the community blog and recite their tales. The staff of the newspaper tells stories too. Both are equally important.
How refreshing.
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