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Happy Friday the 13th?

By Laura Trowbridge     Jul 13, 2007 in World
Many people fear Friday the 13th as well as the number 13. They think this is an unlucky day and a very unlucky number. I found an article that shed some light (or should I say "dark"?) on the history of the day and the number.
One of the legends of how Friday the 13th became a bad (jellyfish) day is that on this date many centuries ago it is believed that Eve was tempted by the Snake to take that forbidden apple and then give it to Adam to eat as well. This would have to be the unluckiest day in all of history as it really pissed God off and doomed mankind to an earthly misery for every generation since. Thanks alot Adam and Eve!
Also some Christians have held the belief that Judas who betrayed Jesus was the number 13 guest at that Last Supper and then Jesus was crucified on Friday, the next day.
Ever since, it has been considered unlucky to eat with 13 people at a table. Legend has it that one member in the party of 13 will die in the year ahead.
Because of this superstition revolving around the number 13 many cities do not put 13th Street or Avenue on the maps. Many hotels will not have a 13th floor because no one wants to sleep on such an unlucky floor.
On the flip side, there is a Friday the 13th date that was a really great and lucky day for Detroit Tiger fans.
On April 13, 1984, the Tigers continued a winning streak that ultimately led them to a championship by defeating the Red Sox, 13-9. The Tigers sent 13 men to the plate in the top of the first. All three outs came on at-bats by Lance Parrish, wearing No. 13. Larry Herndon, No. 31, got the game-winning RBI. Parrish scored the game-winning run. Time of the game: 3:11. Detroit Tigers: 13 letters. And it was Friday the 13th.
Now that is pretty freaky, all those thirteens occuring on that day! Maybe the Tigers actually broke the curse of Friday the 13th on that awesome day in baseball history and from then on, for all times now it will forever be a very lucky day!
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