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Op-Ed: Kate Middleton Has To Deal With The Press's Harassment

By KJ Mullins     Jul 12, 2007 in Politics
Prince William's young girlfriend must have a strong inklings as to what his mother's life was like when it comes to the press. Kate Middleton is already having to deal with a press that gives little regard to her feelings and at times her safety.
It must be a knife into the side of the young Prince having to relive through the young woman that he loves memories of his mother. The world press wants another Diana and Kate does fit that bill.
Can Kate survive the press?
"The situation came to a head in January, when she had to face a pack of photographers and news crew outside her London home amid mounting speculation that she and William were about to announce their engagement."
The press only gets paid when they have a story. We know that. The pursuit of that story though should not become a safety issue. Not should it become an issue of a person being unable to have a functional life.
When every move is captured in one way or another a person has to change themselves just to survive.
Does the press want to see another tragedy like Diana?
At times the press has allowed the late Princess' children to have a basically normal life. They should then also allow a young woman who is not at this time part of the royal family to have her freedom.
What do you think?
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