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Plane Crashes Into Florida Homes

By Janice Ambrose     Jul 11, 2007 in World
A brave pilot of a twin engine Cessna 310, attempting an emergency landing, crashed into two houses near Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, killing at least five people and causing an intense fire.
The plane, registered to a corporation linked to Nascar racing, took off from Daytona International Airport en route to Lakeland, Florida. The pilot was the husband of Nascar official, Lesa France Kennedy. He reported smoke in the cockpit and it slammed into a residential neighbourhood in Sanford, near Orlando in central Florida. It has been confirmed the pilot, Dr Bruce Kennedy, a plastic surgeon, and Michael Klemm, a senior captain with Nascar Aviation were both killed in the crash. Three others were killed including two children and an adult, who were in the houses when the plane crashed. A ten year old boy was critically injured with third degree burns over eighty to ninety percent of his body. Although he was not talking, he managed to give a 'thumbs up', as he was loaded into the ambulance. He has been described as a tough kid. The boys parents were injured and his four year old sister was missing.
The pilot attempted an emergency landing in a field, but crashed into two houses, with debris scattering as far as seven houses away from the crash site.
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