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article imageHomeland Security employee hacks PC, asks woman on date

By RobotGod     Jul 10, 2007 in Crime
Since the passing of the Patriot Act, the public has witnessed a marked increase in the number of unconstitutional invasions of privacy at the hands of government employees...
Mr. Berman had been working for Homeland Security since the Bush administration assumed office in 2001. As a worker in a computer forensics department, Berman spent much of his time investigating suspicious online activity.
Then he was assigned to track down a suspect communication, which led him to the home PC of 27 year old Donna Summers, a stay-at-home eBay retailer. It was determined to be a false lead, but Berman continued to monitor her PC for months, looking at her iTunes, reading short stories she had written, and after time nurturing a feeling of closeness to her.
So that led to him establishing communication. The romantic form he chose was a pop-up error message. When Donna first received the message, she thought it was a joke.
“It was so bizarre. At first I thought it was fake so I closed it,”
Soon that was followed by another message:
“I know this seems really weird, but I’m not a hacker. I work with Homeland Security and I noticed we have a lot of the same tastes,”
So he complimented a short story of hers, and said, “I wanted to know if it was possible that I could ask you out on a date sometime,” Then he gave out the phone number of his department.
Donna, being a decent girl and I am sure, creeped out beyond belief, immediately notified the authorities. She probably closed the blinds and locked the doors too.
His response after an investigation concluded that he had abused his power:
“You think you know somebody, but then they go ahead and stab you in the back like this. I loved that woman… and now I’ll never get to meet her.”
Yeah. She really used you and tossed you aside....
Get this. He is now the head of digital forensics for the Department of Defense.
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