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article imageHappy Small Arms Destruction Day

By T.A.Torrence     Jul 11, 2007 in World
In the news, we often hear of violence and tragedy. The world is a dark and frightening place, where many do not feel as safe and secure as those in America. But the world is not a place of only sorrow.
At times man's better nature shines as we recognize our faults,and try and fix mistakes of the past by growing and easing the burden of violence.
Today is July 10th, 2007. But today is not the day that matters, yesterday was the United Nations Small Arms Destruction Day. It was a day that received little notice. We often ignore the positive and focus solely on the harsh realities of the world we live in. Happy be-lated Small Arms Day. May we all have peace on Earth.
Yesterday, the U.S. celebrated a symbolic "millionth weapon" destroyed as part of the United States small arms/light weapons destruction program in each of the four regions that the U.S. has active State Department branches of the program; Asia, Africa, Europe,and Latin America.
This act symbolizes the more compassionate side of the United States, one we don't hear enough of. As the sole superpower in the world, America leads the way in helping 25 nations destroy potential terrorist weapons.
According to Sean McCormack, Spokesman for the State Department, "This program has also destroyed more than 90 million rounds of ammunition and more than 21,000 man-portable air defense weapons (MANPADS). These events demonstrate our commitment to assisting other countries in recovering from conflict and making the world safer and more secure."
Actions by the United States to Stem the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons
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