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article imageSwimmer Highlights Global Change In An Attempt To Swim At The North Pole

By Michelle Duffy     Jul 10, 2007 in Sports
Last weekend, we delighted in a 24 hour concert across the world highlighting the increasing awareness of global climate change - now it is the turn of the Arctic swimmer and his attempt to swim in the Arctic, in just a pair of trunks
Surely a couple of tickets to Wembley to see Madonna perform for three minutes would have been more of a warmer sport instead of choosing to spent a few minutes swimming around the North Pole. It brings a chill to the spine just thinking about it, yet it is what City lawyer, Lewis Gordon Pugh intends to do.
To alert the world on the continual debate of climate change, Pugh will attempt to swim at the North Pole for at least a kilometre in temperatures which don't bear thinking about.
He will prove that due to global warming, the earth is heating up so much that swimming in the coldest part of the planet, the North Pole, will be a breeze. The temperature for this dip in the sea will be at nearly -2C. It has not been done by anyone before (not by anyone who had flippers, fur or four legs anyhow.)
Yet there is no stopping him. He has already started the journey to the great end of the Earth by joining a Russian icebreaker first who will then accompany him and a crew to the site where the swim will take place. He is attempting to be in the water for a whole 20 minutes.
He will, not only be the first to swim at the North Pole but be the only person ever to have swum long distance in all five oceans.
Pugh said, before he set off for the attempt,
"Areas of open sea are now appearing and the sea temperature in the Arctic Ocean is predicted to increase by 9C by the end of the century. Just five or 10 years ago this swim would never have been possible - most people have no idea that you can find patches of open sea at the North Pole in summer.
It's deeply regrettable that it's possible now because of the devastating effects of climate change."
He will swim as planned, on the 15 of July, and has been nicknamed, The Polar Bear after his attempts at such extreme waters before, including Antarctica.
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