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Son Forced to Rape His Mother

By Debra Myers     Jul 9, 2007 in Crime
West Palm Beach - On June 18th, a group of about 10 masked intruders forced their way into a woman's apartment. These male intruders proceeded to rape the woman, then forced her 12 year old son to rape his own mother.
About 9 p.m., a man knocked on the apartment door saying he needed help as he had a flat tire. Once the woman and her son went outside, they were ambushed at gun point and made to return to the apartment. Back inside, they were "beaten and sexually assaulted". The police report states that this group raped, sodomized and beat the woman. Finally, at gun point, they forced the son to rape his own mother as the gang watched.
Then, the boy was also beaten, and a number of household cleaning chemicals were poured into his eyes. The victims did not receive life-threatening injuries, and have since been sent home from the hospital. Their identities have not been released.
Since then, DNA evidence found in a condom left at the victim's home, linked Avion Lawson, 14, to the crime. Another teen has also been arrested: Nathan Walker, 16, because they found his hand print at the scene. More arrests are expected, despite the fact that neither Lawson or Walker are cooperating with the police.
All that was taken otherwise was a few hundred dollars and some jewelry.
Walker's mother had this to say about her son, "My son has a good heart. I can't believe my son would do something like this. I don't teach my son violence so I don't understand."
The victims are now going through a county counseling service.
I don't understand what the fascination is to do something like this. There was no need to have raped this woman or force her son to rape his mother...period.
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