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article imageConfessions of a Citizen Journalist

By barryb     Jul 8, 2007 in
Have I been living up to what is expected as a Citizen Journalist member of Digital Journal? Will I do so in the future? This is just a small apology and statement to a future commitment about taking part in this online community.
When I joined DJ I had great intentions of posting news every day, commenting on articles that were thought provoking, upvoting good articles, and earning a little money in the process.
The reality is that I don't have time to log on every day. Sometimes a whole week will slip by with barely a glance at what's going on in the news (talking about news related to my life, I have to stay up on news related to my work). I think DJ is a great resource because I can find articles drawn from many different sources that I would never have time to scour myself. As a result I always learn something when I am reading DJ. Which has made it all the more sad when I miss a few days because I can't even imagine what is slipping by while I am occupied elsewhere (I go read older articles too but some just seem to show up briefly then disappear never to be found again).
I have also discovered that I don't really have what it takes to be a part of a Web 2.0 online community. Most of you log in every day and have a great rapport going on. I really don't have time to log in every day. I try to comment when I can and upvote any article I read that is worthy of an upvote. I also visit the profiles of people who upvote me so I can read some of their articles and upvote a few of them. I just really can't do that every day though.
And I have also come the sad realization that I'm not as good a writer as I like to think I am. I have written a half dozen articles that I didn't post because I didn't think they were good enough.
Well, enough with the self pity. There is no time frame in the DJ etiquette book (at least not that I noticed) so I have been living up to my duties. I will continue to post articles, post comments, and upvote articles (and comments now that I have remembered that I can do that too) and I will not worry about the time frame. So what if I only post one article a month? So what if I reply to people's comments a week later (I'm sorry if that offends you but it has happened and probably will again)? So what if I make a dollar a week instead of a dollar a day (I didn't join DJ as a source of income. I just figured that since we could make money here why post elsewhere?) and so what if I don't form a rapport with other DJ'ers (I do have real friends too)?
I will be posting an op/ed with my take on the future of the human race soon and I am working on a math article. Doing research for the math article has also gotten me back into brain teasers which I love and I used to do all the time. Because of that I was thinking about starting a weekly brain teaser post. I'm going to start with my very favourite one which also happens to have been very controversial since it was first created.
We'll see whether or not I can live up to this commitment. If I can then it will be an ego boost for me. If I can't I will adjust them and try again. It's not like it's the end of the world.
Thanks for allowing me to rant for a bit. I'm going to read some more news now.
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