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article imageOP-ED: Are You Tired of Getting Out of Bed for Work or School?

By Chris V. Thangham     Jul 7, 2007 in Health
When you wake up, do you feel grumpy or feel too tired or lazy to get up from bed? For an hour or two, your body feels tired to do anything. Do this simple set of exercises, you will feel much different than before.
I used to think if you like something or if you love your job you should feel fine getting up from bed without any problems. But that is not the case, you feel grumpy or you feel you are not fully ready to go to work. Some have this feeling and make it as an excuse not to go to work. They usually call and say they are sick, which makes it hard for other workers and the business.
So, to fell invigorated no matter whether you like the job or not or you like to go to school or not, try this simple exercises. This is from an e-book I am working on for my clients, so I can't reveal a whole lot of details (will reveal more in the future) but still you will find this exercise very useful.
When: Early mornings on an empty stomach and before you go to bed.
* Sit up
* Bring your legs close to your chest
* Place the hands under the thighs for support
* Come down slowly continuing to hold the hands under the legs
* Make sure the head doesn't hit the floor
* By pressing the legs, come up again
* Repeat the above for five times
Benefits: Good massage for the back and you will feel more energetic.
The above exercise is like a rocking chair movement. And after you finish this do the below exercise also for a few minutes, will let the blood flow from your legs to the brain make it more active than before. Will help both your sleep in the night and be active during the day.
After you do either the first or both the exercises, you will feel rejuvenated and won't feel the same grumpiness you used to feel before, I guarantee it. I do this everyday for the past few weeks, I feel great every morning and raring to go :). Give it a try.
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