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article imageOp-Ed: The Wild Dance Of Fun

By KJ Mullins     Jul 7, 2007 in Entertainment
I remember being growing up and having the idea that s-e-x was a naughty thing. We were not to know what it was and if we asked mommas blushed and gave out nonsense answers.
We were taught it wasn't..............FUN.
At some point though most of us figure out that, Oh My God!, this can be a pleasant past time.
(Momma quit rolling over in your grave, you keep doing it some folks in China or elsewhere gonna have an earthquake.)
So is it just me? Am I the only one that thinks that sex is fun?
Excuse me boys I should have clarified that was for the ladies. We know what you think. Trust me we know!
I have talked to some of my single friends and from their comments they don't miss it. They claim that batteries can do the same thing.
Halt@! Hold the presses! Does that mean that the human man is being replaced by RoboBunny on high speed?
Or does it mean I have been blessed with mostly good partners?
I can't be that lucky.
I am thinking that we still have that idea that sex is umm naughty. That it's not to be enjoyed. It's something that the "fast" girls do. In the back of cars.
You know those girls were always smiling...........
Oops, lost my train of thought.
So tell me ladies, are my friends the deviant few who don't go ga-ga over the bed games? What's your take on dancing in the sheets?
Don't worry we won't tell the boys what you think. Or your Momma either! So give it up. Do tell!
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