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article imageIs 07/07/07 Your Lucky Day?

By Cynthia Trowbridge     Jul 6, 2007 in Lifestyle
Are you a superstitious person? Last year when it was 06/06/06 did it cause you to freak out? Well tomorrow it will be 07/07/07 and for some that signifies a lucky day as a triple number 7 is known as being lucky.
Since the triple number seven is believed by some to bring good luck many brides and grooms are getting married on that day. This is according to wedding watchers who say the couples are looking to have an extra dose of good luck.
According to historians because of its frequent and favorable mention in the Bible the number seven is considered lucky. "As the number of the days of God's first week, of the levels of heaven…of the numbers of angels and trumpets, etc., the number came in the last few centuries BCE to represent divine perfection," said David Frankfurter, professor of religious studies and history at the University of New Hampshire. "Something organized seven-fold meant that it corresponded to God's own arrangement."
Do numbers control our fate or do some think they do?
Some people would never think of getting married on Friday the 13th. They would never live in a house that has the address of 666. Frankfurter says that believing the number seven is lucky helps people to believe they have some kind of jurisdiction over the chaotic world around them.
“In our modern American society we have a tendency to look for magical ways to control the world or fate, so numerology is especially important for us,” Frankfurter said. People who are obsessed with numerology and other para-sciences such as astrology have these tendencies get stronger when a significant event is going to take place in their life. "It represents Americans' rather weak (compared to Asian cultures') attempt to exert some numerical or calendrical control over important life-cycle, transition, or other crisis situations," Frankfurter told LiveScience. What do you think about what is seen as lucky or unlucky numbers?
I was at a meeting Monday night and a young woman was getting married tomorrow on 07/07/07 and the dinner reception is scheduled for seven minutes after seven.
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