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article imageMom "Makes" Son An iPhone

By malan     Jul 6, 2007 in Technology
Did your mom ever tell you that she could "make" you a homemade version of the latest and greatest cool new thing all the cool kids have? One guys mom takes the plunge and makes her son a homemade iPhone.
In a comedy skit performed by Eddie Murphy in the early 80's he talked about how sometimes our mom's believe they can recreate highly desired items at home and save money while doing it. In his skit he used a McDonald's hamburger reference and his mom attempted to make her own McDonald's burger. The meaty treat was called a "HOUSE BURGER" and instantly made young Eddie the laughing stock of his neighborhood.
Once again, a mom has done the unthinkable. The latest, greatest and most highly sought after gadget of the year, the iPhone has been recreated as only a mother could accomplish... she "knitted" her son an iPhone. No kidding.
The small knitted handheld offers an unbreakable body, shatterproof screen and a 5 megaknitzel camera... all this at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Below are some of the stats for the homemade device.
Body: Unbreakable
Screen: Shatterproof
Internet Connection: Poor
Memory size: 0 GB
Sound Quality: Woolly
Ringtones: No
iPhone: No
Google Maps: No
Camera: 5 megaknitzels
Price: Cheaper than the real thing
I'm not sure if she is seeking funding for this new take on the popular tech item but surely there is an investor out there that sees the potential in this new take on the iPhone. Can you say Christmas gifts for naughty children?
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