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article imageOP: Legal, but not yet to drink

By Aaron Robson     Jul 3, 2007 in Lifestyle
Something that really ticks me off is that I am 18, considered an adult, but yet I can't walk into any bar and order a beer with out being hassled. Shows how faulty Government age classification is.
Here is a better example. At the age of 18, if you were to commit a crime, you will be punished under the full extent of the law, as an adult citizen. If I were to walk to the local Convenience and Liquor store and pick myself up a pack of 24, I would be scolded, a possible ticket, and then kicked out of the store.
So why is it that If I am classified as an adult, I can't do adult things? If I go to the theaters I pay as an adult, if I go buy a buss pass I pay as an adult, even museums (if I were to go into one) would make me pay as an adult.
I think that who ever it was that came up with this ridiculous age classification thing may have been a little hungover from the night before, because they sure as hell did a bang up job of making a mess of things.
Whats even more ridiculous is that other few privileges and rights young teens have are been taken away. Did you know that in Ontario, Canada, that if you were born in and after the year 1990, that you can not receive your drivers license until your 18? You can still receive your learners permit, but no one wants to have their mom sitting in the passenger seat for that long while they drive. I also heard that they might even be pushing up the legal drinking age again another few years. I think at 18, you would be old enough to drink with out being hassled, never mind 21.
But what can I say, thats the government for you. But I guess there is one good thing that comes of this. If the government starts doing things right, Hell has frozen over and we'll know the apocalypse is coming.
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