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What has 2 humps, is dead and can be found in Sweden?

By RobotGod     Jul 3, 2007 in World
A camel of course. What is a dead camel doing on the side of a highway in Sweden? Police thought it was a joke when they received reports early Monday that the carcass of a camel was spotted next to the E22 highway near Karlskrona, in southeastern Sweden.
They think the camel was being transported on a trailer, but somehow fell off and was dragged behind the vehicle. That's what the injuries seem to suggest.
My question is, what kind of person drops a camel and just leaves it there and takes off? Makes me think something illegal was going on. Maybe an illegal camel cartel, trying to send a message to other camels.
But who knew there was even a single camel in Sweden?
One can only wonder.
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