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article imageFirst-ever baby born from a lab-matured, frozen and then thawed egg

By Bart B. Van Bockstaele     Jul 2, 2007 in Science
The first-ever test-tube baby, created from an egg that was matured in a laboratory, then frozen and later thawed was born in Canada. Three more women have been impregnated as well.
A test-tube baby, created from an egg that matured in a laboratory and was then frozen was born in Canada. Not only is the baby doing well, but three more women have been impregnated by this method.
This technique, “in vitro maturation” makes a lot more sense than the conventional method of (over-)stimulating the ovaries to produce eggs. It is cheaper than the conventional method and it is also useful for women that are not eligible for it. The only catch so far was that maturing an egg in the lab and then freezing, thawing and fertilizing it, had never been done with success. Until now.
This technique was tried on 20 women with polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS, a leading cause of infertility. These people are not normally eligible for classical ovary stimulation, because the hormonal overstimulation of the ovaries can potentially kill them.
The successful result was announced on Monday at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in Lyon, France.
Researchers from Israel told the same assembly that they have been able to extract, mature and freeze eggs from girls as young as five. This could allow these girls to becomes mothers when they grow up, even if their cancer treatments leave them infertile.
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