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article imageApple sold 525,000 iPhones since launch

By RobotGod     Jul 2, 2007 in Technology
Half of the Apple stores on the U.S. West Coast sold out of the devices on the first day, the report said, citing analyst Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research in San Francisco.
Meanwhile the homeless still roam the streets, abandoned children still need care, people are hungry or malnourished.
The iphone got more hype and more energy devoted to it then any of these issues since it's announcement. Sure, we all love the newest gadget. I think the thing is cool too.
I just wish that these silly shallow people who stood in line for days, or 10 hours or whatever, would devote that same kind of energy and spark to something more noble then a shiny plastic trinket.
It also shows what good little consumers we are and how we have been completely brainwashed.
Hey, it's your money. None of my business. BUT, in a society with so many problems, I find such devotion to the latest gadget completely crazy and unintelligent.
I bet there are now 5 year olds with iphones. When did consumerism become this easy and frivolous?
These sheep are getting what they paid for however, with service problems already from AT&T. Everybody knows that even when you want to buy the latest gadget, you WAIT awhile until the bugs are worked out.
But since you just had to have it on the first day and be the cool kid, that's what you get.
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