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article imageThe Stone Soldiers Of China Guard A 2,000 Year Old Secret

By Michelle Duffy     Jul 1, 2007 in World
It is said to be one of the mysterious wonders of the world, yet these Chinese Terracotta soldiers have been hiding another secret and it is in the form of yet another chamber
The Terracotta Army guards the Imperial tomb, but recently, local Chinese archaeologists have discovered another chamber not already known to them. It is a room of around 30 metres long and is not mentioned in the records of the site and their description of Qin Shihuang's tomb, the first emperor of China's Qin dynasty.
The chamber was not quite stumbled upon and no one has actually entered it yet. It was only picked up on when special sensing equipment discovered it on radar. The site which holds the secret room is near the Imperial city of Xian. This room, it is thought, may have been built to house the spirit of the emperor after his death.
It has been dated to around 2,000 years ago. It sits on top of the tomb in a pyramid shaped pile of earth which stands around 170 feet high.
So far, no one has been given permission to enter the chamber, and I doubt they ever will. This room was built to be not seen by any living soul. On that note, the excavation of the site is to carry on, leaving the chamber alone. However, the nod of permission may just go ahead but not for a while. Reports from Chinese authorities say that they would like to advance certain techniques of discovery for this site before probing any further. What would be better is that a thorough examination of what is in the room could be conducted without actually stepping foot inside.
Bedsides, the Emperor Qin was not the most liked during his reign of terror. He was known to use fairly unethical methods for ruling, however, China still regards him as somewhat of a hero. He united a state in which the people became a society which is similar to what China knows today.
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