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article imageChina considers US detention of seafood “unacceptable”.

By Paul Wallis     Jun 30, 2007 in Business
China is now officially displeased about the US automatic detention of four kinds of Chinese seafood. “Unacceptable” is moving beyond diplomatic language into a real argument.
The Chinese say they’ve detected poor quality in US food exports to China, and haven’t gone beyond normal procedures.
The US is now getting quite concerned about the quality of Chinese imports, and has been saying so in no uncertain terms. The seafood has definitely touched a nerve with the Chinese.
On the business side of the equation, the Chinese consider the move “indiscriminate”. That has some elements of a fair argument, even where the case against some imports is proven. Generally, normal trade works on case-by-case scenarios, rather than blanket bans. It may be stretching trade agreements, too.
The FDA has put the onus on suppliers to prove quality standards are being met. Specifically this relates to the presence of toxic residues of chemicals banned in the US for farmed seafood. This is domestic law enforcement, and from a regulatory viewpoint, unavoidable. The FDA can’t very well overlook its own laws, and the regulation applies to specific toxins, regardless of origin, but the spin is that it's discrimination against Chinese products.
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