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Hackers! Watch out, Sony Fights back

By Aaron Robson     Jun 29, 2007 in Entertainment
After what seems like little time ever since the new and improved downgrade method for the sony PSP was introduced, Sony strikes back with speed to eliminate illegal gaming methods.
Downgrading the PSP is considered a dangerous, but effective method for creating a Hackers dream. The upside to downgrading? You can play and use your own games/ programs that either you have created, or others have, you can download official Sony games (cough* illegally*cough), and you can also emulate and play older game systems. The possible dangers of downgrading? You can brutally destroy your PSP, with out any hope of resurrecting it. This is also known as bricking your PSP, the reason for this is that the PSP becomes as useless as a brick...except you can build things with a brick.
Past methods for downgrading have included hacked pathways from the UMD (PSP game) Grand Theft Auto: Liberty stories. But as the PSP firmware upgraded, it became harder for hackers to figure out how to use the game to downgrade since Sony kept on putting up more barriers.
But a new method has emerged. One of the first PSP games, Lumines, uses similar methods as GTA:Liberty Stories did to code the game, causing it to do the same thing that GTA did, but differently. But in a new record time, as fast as the method to downgrade came to light, Sony acted Back.
Sony's method for fighting is firmware Upgrade 3.51. This firmware is basically a last attempt to stop all hacking from previous UMDs, the firmware does not really have any advancments in PSP programing, but only more coded barriers to prevent hacking with Lumines.
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