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Family and Bosses Friday Funny Style

By KJ Mullins     Jun 29, 2007 in Entertainment
Families are strange tribes. Some are cheap, some just fight and some get even. Some take out frustrations on fish. Hope you enjoy this week's journal into the strange and funny side of the news.
The Sad Tale of Oscar
Anastacio Molina Jr., 40, was angry. He and his girl were having a fight. the police were called. Molina ordered his girlfriend to move out. The police got called again because it was getting more heated.
This time they found the remains of Oscar the fish on the sidewalk.
Molina was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property. Both misdemeanor charges have penalty enhancers because of a prior conviction for child abuse. They carry up to four years in prison and up to $11,000 in fines.
Little Sis wins Lotto!! Sends a check to brother for 1000! Treat yourself.
When Ron and Irene Jones won the Lotto for £9.3million they said they would help out family.
Irene, 69, told a champagne press conference: "We are wondering how to spend the money but one thing's for sure - we're going to take our time and ensure that all our loved ones are taken care of."
The cheque she sent big brother Len was a tiny 0.010638 per cent of her win. Expecting at least a cool million his son Mark opened the envelope for his parents. But she did send a handwritten note along.{i]"Hope it will help you out with the struggle with money."
The note signed off: "Treat yourselves . . . Love Irene."
Mark framed the cheque and put it on the mantel.
May, Len's wife, of Telford, Shropshire, called the gift "stingy" but added: "I'm not surprised - Irene and Ron always watched the pennies. Our friends said, 'Is that all they've given you?', bearing in mind they'll never be able to spend even their interest.
"But we have decided to see the money they have given us as a bonus."
Bridezilla and Mum
Susanne Reiter, 21, and her mother Petra, 43 were reported to the police after breaking furniture at the mother's home. The police arrived in time to watch vases flying.
The two were having a discussion over the bridal gown and rings. Mum thinks her daughter has bad taste.
They were given a warning for breaching the peace.
That Will Teach You!!
For seven years Jason Wilson, 24 was a booze hound. His fiance whom he has two children with got even. When Jason refused to leave the pub Emma Thomason, 24 drove his van into a lake with all his belongings.
This week Emma was sentenced to 90 days in jail-suspended for a year.
The couple are no longer together.
Not The Way To Get In Good With The Boss
Sarah Dean was excited to start her new job. She parked her VW Polo next to an awesome Jag in the parking lot. Then her car exploded. So did the Jag. The Jag belonged to managing director Craig Burkinshaw.
Craig just happened to be Sarah's new boss.
A pal at Audley Travel in Witney, Oxfordshire, said: "Sarah's new here and hadn't even met the boss yet - what a way to introduce yourself."
Employee Laura Morris added: "Everyone found it very funny, except Sarah of course. She could have been badly hurt. But the boss has been really good about it."
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