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OP-ED: Is There Nothing Better Than Paris Hilton to Talk About?

By snugglebear     Jul 4, 2007 in Entertainment
So, she's a socialite, a celebrity, a model, actress, singer (if you don't mind going deaf temporarily)...yada yada yada - but WHO? cares? Frankly, I'm so tired of hearing about her "traumatic jail saga" that I'm at the point of throwing a book at the tv!
Is there nothing more important in the news today, or yesterday, or last week, or month or year, than the blonde-haired and brained Paris Hilton. Come on, 23 days in jail - how traumatic could it have been? All I hear on the news, in the papers, on the net is Paris this and Paris that. Are people so consumed in the life of Hilton that they have to know every detail of her boring life?
And like she needs more money - A Million bucks for her first interview? A changed woman? How about feeding 3rd world countries where children are dying of starvation and AIDS every minute of every day with that slick million? Why not buy a $10 purse from Wal-Mart instead of a $10000 Gucci bag and put the rest of the $9990 towards helping the homeless people littered on the streets of LA, sleeping under the junk magazines that are slathered with her face?
Really, what has she DONE that makes her truly news worthy? My opinion is very much the same as Pat Bayley (read link)...yes, she's a celebrity, and she's gonna get attention simply because she can, but it she really news worthy?
Is everyone else just as fed up with the "world of Paris" as I am, or am I just being an old prude at 25 years of age?
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