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article imageYour Wife With A Gun Can Give You A Real Headache

By Michelle Duffy     Jun 27, 2007 in Health
A 45 year old man from Florida had a bullet surgically removed from behind his ear after he went to hospital one morning complaining of a headache. His wife was later arrested for trying to kill her husband
Michael Moylan, 45, from the state of Florida, was, as doctors put it, lucky to be alive.
He said he woke up one morning with a pain so severe in his head that he thought it was an aneurysm. The pain was so bad that he decided to take a trip into hospital, just to make sure nothing was wrong.
Yet doctors were startled when they removed a bullet which had lodged itself behind his ear. Doctors called the police while a stunned Mr Moylan said that there wasn't even a gun in the house.
His wife was taken from the hospital where she had brought in her husband and was arrested from attempted murder. My Moylan was still none the wiser when he said he thought that his wife might have elbowed him in the middle of the night in her sleep. He had no reason to suspect that she was trying to kill him.
April Moylan was taken back to the house by police while her husband recovered in hospital. She said that it had been an accident despite that fact that authorities found blood stained rags from where she had tried to mop up after she shot him and a gun, which the victim swears he didn't own.
Yet there still is something very strange about this case. Both husband and wife gave accounts of the night and the shooting which simply did not match up. April thought that her husband had been shot outside the house and went back to check whist the lay in hospital.
Even so, I guess the best thing would be is drop the wife, just to get a good night's sleep more than anything...
Or in the immortal words of the late, great Dean Martin, Ain't that a kick in the head...
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