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article imageStop: Exit here

By Leah     Jun 27, 2007 in Lifestyle
So, I found this link at the top of the page on DJ. It caught my eye, and I think it is a wonderful idea to bring to our roads. What a great idea to have our signs glow in the dark.
I saw this and thought about having our expressways and local road signs glow in the dark is a great thing. It is a special reflective tape they use on the signs, and will glow at night. Some sign now have a reflective tape on it, but it only shows when a light is shining on it, and sometimes it is too late.
People try to hurry up and swerve to get to their exit, or stop at a stop sign. In some neighborhoods I have noticed around here, they have red reflectors on the stop signs so you can see them better. It is most helpful in bad weather.
I am all for this idea. There is no maintenance to these signs changing light bulbs, no wiring, no electricity, no batteries, no testing them and making sure they work, and they are not hard to install. I think they were promoting exit sign here, but it would be useful for all signs.
I feel this would make our roadways a lot safer, and maybe save some lives too.
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