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Man killed child for throwing rocks

By Leah     Jun 26, 2007 in Crime
A man who has some obvious problems, killed a 9 yr. old boy for throwing rocks by his house. The child was found with a gun shot wound to his neck. This man shot him with a shotgun.
Demotric Moore is a 9 yr. old boy being a typical boy playing with friends and throwing rocks. It does not say what they were throwing it at, but by no means does it mean anyone has the right to kill a child for being a child.
Jonathan Watts the man who murdered Demotric, was ordered to the ground by officers and arrested. As he was being arrested he was shouting, "I've had it with these kids and the rock throwing,"
Tough luck, then stop watching them, or address their parents about it and let them punish their child their own way.
El Dorado police Capt. David Smith said that the rock throwing was an ongoing problem, and there was even a time when Watts threw a brick at a child in retaliation for throwing rocks.
This guy sounds like a real winner. Now he won't be seeing much of anything while he sits a rots in a jail cell. What an idiot...he now is going to spend the rest of his miserable life in jail because of rocks!
I guess that is where the "You are as dumb as a rock" phrase came from!
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