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article imageOp-ed: Are You Brave Enough?

By KJ Mullins     Jun 24, 2007 in World
I was reading an account of Daniel Pearl's last hours. He knew he was going to die. That his head would be severed from his body and yet he refused to be sedated. He died bravely. I asked myself could I do that? I am not sure if I could.
Luckily I haven't had to face that kind of test. I have faced others and it's amazing what we can do if asked to. I have seen heroes in the midst of chaos.
The only difference between Joe Blow and a hero is the hero acts without regard to his life. They run into that building on fire because a child cried out. They leave the comforts of their cushy lives to go to Africa and doctor children suffering from malaria. They stand up during a parent council meeting and state that it's time to quit chatting about the next bake sale and time to start real ways of fighting the bully problem going on.
A hero can see a bigger picture or when face to face with a small one act. A hero doesn't know how to shut up. A hero doesn't always wear a three piece suit, he can be smelly and dirty living on the street.
A hero can look just like you. Or you. Or me.
But when it comes down to the brass tacks. When the act is before us, time to jump on that frying you? Or do you think it out? Be rational? Trust me there is nothing wrong with being rational. Because sometimes heroes die.They weren't thinking rationally when they jumped in to save the drowning child.
Sometimes being the hero is pretty stupid.
Walking into a crowd that's fighting with bats and knives and guns isn't the logical thing to do. Heroes do it every day.
Journalists covering wars are right there in the front lines. It's not intelligent to have bullets whiz by your head because you placed yourself there. But the words will not get out if they don't. The world will not know the truth. They are heroes.
So maybe that is the measure of a hero. Willing to be stupid enough to place yourself in a situation that could kill you. Standing up for what needs to be stood up for no matter the cost. Shouting loud enough to make a difference.
And not worrying if the rest of the world thinks you've lost your mind.
So the cards are on the table. Are you stupid enough to be a hero?
Let's hope you never have to find that one out.
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