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article imageThe new Learning tool: Video Games

By Aaron Robson     Jun 23, 2007 in Entertainment
The Mac Arthur Foundations belives in a new form of learning. The foundation donated $1.1 million behind the idea that normal literacy learning is gone, and that the new wave of learning is video games.
The money that the Mac Arthur foundation donated will be going towards a middle/high school in New York, and the curriculum will be based on video games.
According to Connie Yowell, the director of educational grantmaking at The MacArtur Foundation, said that the interactivity of games is “important to the future of education.".
The idea behind the course at the school, is taking scenarios from video games and applying the thought and idea behind the scenario to a real life situation. An example that was given was from the New Super Mario Bros. In the game Mario can eat a micro or giant mushroom for two different effects. These effects allow him to move about the virtual environment and impact it a variety of ways. In real-life, you can drive a car, which creates emissions, which contributes to global warming, in effect melting the polar icecaps, putting polar bears out of business. The car and the bear are connected.
“In order to really participate in society today, you really have to be able to think about problems in a systemic way,” said Yowell.
Although the concept may be a bit hard to put together mentally, there is a lot of truth behind it. The idea is to reach out to those who struggle where others excel, and give them a fair chance by teaching them in the areas they excel.
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