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Taxi Driver Is Robbed And Then Robs The Robber Right Back!

By Laura Trowbridge     Jun 22, 2007 in Crime
A German taxi driver picked up a 20-year-old who had crime on his mind. The young man thought he had an easy victim in the cab driver, but found out quickly that he was messing with the wrong cabbie!
In the western Germany town of Aldenhoven, a cab driver and the guy he picked up got into a big fight and it was the criminal thief that quickly came out the loser.
The thief got the cab driver's wallet, but it did not end there. The driver fought back and was able to get his own wallet back as well as the thief's wallet.
The driver then got back into his taxi and locked the doors before calling police.
The thief waited on the curb the whole time until the cops showed up. He really was upset to have lost his wallet to the stronger man and wanted the cops to get it back for him.
The police took the thief in for questioning. He was released, but faces an attempted robbery charge; and he was given his precious wallet back.
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