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article imageOpED: Secret Recipe for a Great Marriage

By Chris V. Thangham     Jun 22, 2007 in Lifestyle
What makes a successful marriage? Some factors are love, respect, sacrifice, family, travel and other factors. If one blends them well in a marriage, it will last longer and be a great one.
Today is Jaguar's marriage anniversary; both she and her husband have had a great life together. Let us all wish her and her husband well.
What makes her marriage tick? Let us guess what could be the reasons for their successful marriage.
Portrait of Jaguar by my friend, who is a great artrist.
One of the main ingredients could “Love” which we all will agree. Even with just this one ingredient, any couple could manage well. Any poet will vouch for that.
Many times I have seen married couples use the word “we” more than “I”. I have seen this pattern with my friends and have seen it here in DJ with Jaguar, Picasso, Brandigal, Amaranth, Leah, 666divine, gohomelaker, cruiseroo, GTS, Lightening, geozone. MDee, PlanetJanet and others they always use the word “We” more. That shows mutual respect for one another.
How much they sacrifice for each other? More they sacrifice the marriage is stronger and endures longer. I have seen it in my mom who used to travel long distances to build a new home, while my father used to work, she used to manage on her own while managing the family. My father used to spend long hours at work, travel to many places, just to pay all the bills and tuitions fees for me and my siblings. Since Jaguar’s marriage has lasted long, she and her husband must have sacrificed a lot together.
Having a family around also plays a vital part in a successful marriage. Having aunts, uncles, parents nearby help solve many problems, of course they may create some problems on their own, but overall it is healthy for the family. Without family nearby any problem in marriage gets compounded and hard to deal. I have heard Jaguar speak about family a lot and how they visit often. That may be one ingredient might help the marriage real well.
Taking time off once in a while and seeing new places adds a new perspective to marriage. Even going to a lake for a whole day away from a house adds a spark. I think this is another ingredient one should use for a successful marriage, which I think Jaguar and her husband use a lot.
When you have all these ingredients blended well, you can have a great marriage like Jaguar’s.
Since many of you are married here or you might have seen in other families, tell us what makes a marriage work well besides these factors?
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