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article imageThe Friday Funnies Looks At Life

By KJ Mullins     Jun 22, 2007 in Entertainment
Life can be funny can't it? At times what is the most normal is the funniest bits of news out there. So sit tight, put on your crash helmet and zip through the Monday through Friday of this week's funnies!
Hey write me an email. Let me give you my address!! It was revealed on Monday that the Queen does email like the rest of us. Okay she has her staff type them out but she has an email account. And an iPod! Three cheers for the modern girl!
At the end of a conversation with Elizabeth Saltzman, editor of Vanity Fair, the journalist said: "Look, we must keep in touch".
"Absolutely!" agreed the monarch. "Here, let me give you my email address."
"Good lord, you use email?" replied a stunned Saltzman.
"Oh yes," continued the Queen. "But I don't actually write them - I dictate them all, of course."
The poor kid in ICU was just trying to rest we were told on Tuesday when he unplugged the cord. Okay it is wrong to unplug the life support cord on your neighbour but he was tired of listening to it make noise.
A police spokesman from Landshut in southern Germany said: "He told us the noise was getting on his nerves and he thought this was the best way to make sure he got peace and quiet.
"Luckily the medical staff acted promptly and reconnected the life support machine. If there had been any delay the old man could have died."
You know she's gonna end up in the Darwin Awards.
Elena Pavlovna, 43, was walking home after a lunchtime brew fest with friends when she fell into a cement mixer. She tried in vain to get out when she was dumped onto the road with only her head sticking out.
A rescue service spokesman said: "'Despite the fact that only part of her mouth was out in the open she did not shut up and kept on telling us what we should be doing. It was really annoying."
Hey Ma! That heavy metal music I love is making me a fortune. Roger Tullgren, 42 loves rock music so much so he's addicted. His boss lets him leave early for his concerts because of his needs. He also gets some help because of his addiction. He is receiving disability payments.
Calling Jeff Spicoli.......
"Heavy metal is my lifestyle. The fact I am into music so much has affected my work situation to the extent that I have had to quit some jobs."
Some people are just creative!
Grave robber Keith Chartrand decided he needed a new ashtray so down to the local grave yard he went. Grabbing a skull and a thigh bone he had the perfect deco art ashtray. that is until the police came and took him away.
"While he was digging a grave, a casket was broken open, so (investigators) believe he took the body parts to make an ashtray and a pipe," Police Lt. Kevin O'Brien told the Sentinel & Enterprise of Fitchburg.
Well time flies when you read the funnies, until next week I hope this kept you amused. And next week turn in for more of the ever coming insanity of the week.
Same DJ Time, Same DJ Channel!
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