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article imageThe worst Screenshots ever

By Aaron Robson     Jun 21, 2007 in Entertainment
Sceenshots are used in order to allow the public to view the updated progress on new and old video games. The screenshots are usually what sells the idea of a good game. So in other words, if your screen shots suck, so will the game.
James Bond: Agent underfire- This would be cool if Bond was shooting at Jaws or maybe even Odd Job, but he is currently just aiming at a wall.
Resident Evil Remake- Her hair looks good and everything, but it wasn't good enough to just show the back of the head.
Mario Super Sunshine- A little more action could help this shot. So far the only thing dangerous is the sand entering Mario's shoe.
Dino Crisis- You half expect a Dinosaur to jump out at you.
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun- This has absolutely nothing to do with War.
James Bond: The world is not enough- Bond is at again, him and his wall fetish...except this time he is trying to shoot with a television remote.
Indigo Prophecy: Oddly enough this was probably the highlight of the game.
(funny thing, these screen shots came straight from the publishers)
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