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article imageGlobal Warming=Governments Skipping School

By RobotGod     Jun 21, 2007 in World
There are some often overlooked facts about global warming. I will focus on temperatures and temperature stations that they use to gather their so called data. It's quite a joke.
Remember being a kid and not wanting to go to school? Did you ever put the thermometer up to the lamp in order to make the mercury rise and make it look like you had a fever?
Well, that's kinda what our governments are doing. Temperature stations around the world are just plain unreliable. I will show you some facts in a second. These stations give them the temps they use to make all kinds of calculations and they say it is proof that global warming is happening.
Problem is, these temp stations all over the world must have been positioned by Gomer Pyle. The rule is that these pieces of equipment are supposed to be at least 100 feet from ANY building.
In fact, many of these have ended up sitting right in front of Air Conditioning units(Where they get blasted by hot air). There are some at airports close enough to get hit with heat from the jets, etc.
Take this one, for example.
The sensor is strapped to a wooden deck, near tarmac. Plus air conditioners are hitting this one with hot air.
Here's a good one.
Located in Aberdeen, WA. at a sewage treatment plant. Right in the middle of an industrial area and surrounded by a railway and buildings and construction plants. Oh...and people park right next to it...
I could go on and on and post pictures all day, because the truth is this is the situation everywhere. Most of these sensors are not giving reliable info. Now you know why.
Global warming, my metal ass!
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