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article imagePee Wee is Back

By KJ Mullins     Jun 20, 2007 in Entertainment
The geeky youthful PeeWee Herman is back. He was gone for a while with a couple of those silly legal troubles but actor Paul Rubens is making another comeback. He surprised us with a PeeWee appearance at the Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards.
While PeeWee is forever young his protrayer has hit the big 54 milestone.
Ruebens has appeared on "Reno 911" without the zany Herman outfit. But he loves the PeeWee character. He always hoped to inspire children with his Pee Wee's Fun House.
"I was trying to do something about the golden rule and having good morals and being responsible, and then at the same time, being unique and exposing kids to art," he says.
He has two films for PeeWee up on the block. One is the light comedy of our favorite silly guy going on a road trip. The other may prove to be a more adult venture with PeeWee exploring the dark side of Hollywood.
Ruebens knows about the dark side. In 1991 his mug was shown around the world after an indecent exposure arrest.
"I'm in with Nick Nolte, James Brown ... Mel Gibson, Nicole Richie, Glen Campbell," he said. "I'm in great company. I can't change history and change the past, so what am I going to do? You just move on."
He made a comeback after that but then hit another snag when he was caught with some erotic photos. Though some in Hollywood may say that stopped his career it wasn't why he faded from view. Instead he was playing the good son taking care of his terminally ill father in Florida.
He wasn't feeling the comedy during that time.
"It's difficult to do and it takes time to change people's perceptions,"fun or interesting."
"I'm not even above just pure fun," he says. "It doesn't even have to be interesting."
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