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Op/Ed: A City Of Angels

By RobotGod     Jun 19, 2007 in
Sometimes you wander into a place and it is "a retched hive of scum and villiany". Other places might be memorable, but also easily forgotten with time. And a very few places, actually touch your soul like warm sunlight.
DJ is such a place.
When I wrote THIS, I think I just needed to clean house so to speak. Reveal things about myself, that I tell no one. And tell it to a community that is important to me. Because people here are special. I knew that.
And yet I had no idea.
The compassion and support that I found touched me so deeply that words can not even describe it.
DJ is a city of angels existing in a spider-web of data. Each thread connecting to genuine souls. Souls that care. Unique souls.
I have posted stories about helping others and doing real good in the world. It's important to me. At times I wondered if my voice was even being heard. Then it happened. I just posted the article. I wasn't even sure why. I just needed to.
The people here walk the walk. They make the world a better place and lead by example with their heart. You didn't need my do-gooder stories to be that way, you already were that way.
But obviously, you all saw that in me as well. You got to know me and I apparently touched you with some of my stories...You saw through the words and knew I was a good soul, to be that touched by my own personal situation and lend such amazing support.
Apparently, even 666devine was sending everyone emails on my behalf, if I read that one comment correctly. You all helped to save someone in a time of great need. So many prayers went out to God.
In that other thread I mentioned George Bailey....Damned if angels didn't save me. I have been humbled and amazed and blessed. If I really had the words, they would be so beautiful as to burn your eyes. I know the darkness of losing hope and I know the beauty of friends rallying a good man in trouble.
I have always tried to live my life by doing good things for others and I believe that good things will happen. But even so I admit I lose hope once in a blue moon, when things are their darkest. At those times I think that good men just get burnt. But it is not so.
And so I have found a city of angels.
It's the kind of human story I write about. But this time it was my story. You made a difference in an actual life and you took the chance to care. After all, no one is ever obligated to give a damn, it is easy to do nothing.
I thank each and every one of you for your prayers and for your wishes. Know that it entered my heart in a very special way.
So anyway, when I found DJ awhile back, I had no way of knowing what a unique and special place it would be. The people here are the real deal. They are loving and genuine. I am not sure what it is about DJ that attracts just this kind of person, but it is a very special thing.
Now back to the news....With a heart rejuvenated and touched by angels singing.
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