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Dead Woman's Body Missing From Chicago County Morgue

By Pamela Jean     Jun 19, 2007 in Crime
You're grieving. Your loved one has passed away. You begin the funeral preparations. The funeral director sends a car to pick up your loved one from the County Morgue - but, she's not there. How do you lose a dead body, for heaven's sake?
Rosalie Shultz, 64, was found dead in her apartment Thursday afternoon. An autopsy was performed, which indicated that she had suffered from heat stress and heart disease.
When her cousin, Rosemary Fogell, received the call from the funeral home indicating Ms. Shultz body was missing, she was understandably upset.
“This is absurd,” Fogell said. “How can they lose a body?”
In an effort to defend themselves for this grievous error, Scott Denton, interim chief medical examiner, explained that they receive between 18 to 25 bodies every day. He sympathized with the family, and stated that everything was being done to locate Ms. Schultz. They intended to contact every funeral home that made pickups from the morgue on Friday, assuming that Ms. Shultz will turn up somewhere.
Ms. Fogell was concerned that she was going to have to cancel the funeral arrangements for Wednesday. I guess it is pretty tough to have a visitation without a body.
How pathetic is this? Do you suppose the poor woman has been cremated and someone else is bringing home the ashes of a total stranger? Don't they use those "toe tag" things to keep people's identities straight?
Sure hope they find her. If she could talk, I'm sure she would have some stories to share.
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