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Here It Is Again, The Big Dick To Worship For

By Michelle Duffy     Jun 16, 2007 in World
We have seen them rising through the news so far this week, yet it will be a wonder if Chris Hogg can keep a straight face and will he be able to say the word, 'penis' without being bleeped out? Who knows. Meanwhile, back to the news
In a style similar to a Japanese game show, we see the giant knob being dragged down the street in front of an overwhelmed crowd of admirers, onlookers and look away-ers.
Eagerly wanting to take a snap shot of the giant one, the audience quickly start flashing, just as the pink thing does.
What then becomes apparent as they do a little dance with the plastic love toy, is how it is brutally chopped off at one end. You may want to have a look again and the sliced penis, just to make sure...
Whilst young women blush with their Nikon's safely swinging around their necks, the crowd get to have a play with the love pump, but what is perhaps a little disturbing in amongst this jollity is a little girl who is encouraged to give the smaller scaled version a bit of a stroke.
So what can we gather about this event which appears to have a frighteningly strong tradition behind it, not to mention a few hefty looking locals with shoulders as strong as several Ox's?
Answers on a postcard....
Actually it looks more like a sausage, just without the bun....
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