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Southern Nevada Devil Pups

By Steve W. Sanson     Jun 16, 2007 in Lifestyle
In 1953 tragic flag burning witnessed by a group of US Marine Reserve Officers that wanted to refocus our youth.The ages of the children that join the Devil Pups are 14-17 years old.
Southern Nevada Devil Pups
By Steve William Sanson
The Devil Pups started in 1953 during a tragic flag burning witnessed by a group of US Marine Reserve Officers that wanted to refocus our youth.
The ages of the children that join the Devil Pups are 14-17 years old. The children have to maintain satisfactory grades, attendance, and be goal oriented.
The Devil Pups gain their name from the Marine Corps Devil Dogs. The name Devil Dog was given to the Marines during the battle of Bellawoods in WW II by the Germans.
The coordinator is Nancy Kearney who has been leading this group for several years. The purpose of the Devil Pups is about giving the children the tools they need to be leaders and responsible citizens. Devil Pups is a privately funded program not recruiting for any military branch of service.
Kearney stated that she got involved in Devil Pups when she witnessed the affect this group had on her sons, giving them direction. Kearney became inspired to be actively involved in the Devil Pups program.
Kearney explained that Devil Pups do not advertise "it is just strictly word of mouth." The organization is growing every year. To sponsor a child would cost $350 to go through the ten day encampment training at United States Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton California. The invited states are Nevada, California, Arizona, and Utah.
The Goals of the Devil Pups program is to develop self discipline, motivation, team work, and a proud sense of responsibility by building confidence and self worth in the children.
Kearney stated that every Saturday morning from 8-10AM the training is at Sunset Park, by running a 12 week preliminary program consisting of a three mile run, sit-ups, pull-ups and a dead hang for female applicants. These children are trained by the active Marine Corps Reserve Unit.
Voluntary Service is a requirement to give back to the community. The Devil Pups applicants help in the Special Olympics, Henderson Police Dare Day Events, and Collecting Clothes for Street Teen, picking up flags at the Boulder City Veteran Cemetery and by helping several veteran organizations. The Devil Pups have contributed over one thousand hours of community service this year.
The children have to be non-delinquent, they cannot be affiliated with any gangs and they cannot be married or have failing grads. The children have to be goal focused to apply for the Devil Pups (included are both male and female applicants).
Kearney stated that the children go to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton California for ten days of military booth camp. In order to go to Camp Pendleton each child has to score a minimum of 175 points in the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) qualification.
A perfect score is a six minute one mile run, (20) pull-ups, and (80) sit-ups as well as a dead hang for females (24 seconds). Thirty-six hours of community service for each applicant is included in requirements and if they are absent for more than three meetings they are dropped from the program.
At Camp Pendleton the children learn general marching, physical fitness, booting, respect as well as classes on drug abuse and leadership skills.
They have to make it up "Old Smoky" (a giant hill) to receive their challenge coin, receiving this coin means that you are now a Devil Pup.
Kearney stated that more schools should offer an ROTC program, she believes that programs like this help build and nurture our youth.
The Devil Pup program is a program I encourage grades 9 through 12 to join to help mold the future of our youth.
To contact the Devil Pups please visit or phone Southern Nevada Coordinator Nancy Kearney (702) 434-9450 and have your child have a new direction with their future.
E-mail: phone 702 283 8088
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