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article imageFriday Zaniness Looks At This Week In Sex

By KJ Mullins     Jun 15, 2007 in Entertainment
Sometime you have a topic all picked out and ready to roll. Then the worst thing happens in the news biz. No one does anything funny. For a week. So no humorous tales of fathers this week. Instead I bring you five zany tales from the sex-files.
Women can't tell men that all they think about is sex unless they want it to boomerang it back. A new dream study shows that we have the hot and heavy dreams as often as the guys do. Men may have more orgies in their dreams but women get it on with well known people more.
Guess we all can be little horny bunnies.
Visitors looking down from the friendly skies on route to Gatwick Airport get a sexy advertisement. A sexy website created by Sports Media Gaming got some special marketing.
A town in Louisiana is saying NO! to baggy pants. It's now a crime if your baggies are so low they show your drawers.
"If you expose your private parts, you'll get a fine," Mayor Carol Broussard said.
Farmer Ivica Seic of Croatia has a new pet. His piglet. Seems Octopig has a few extra parts.
Ivica said: "Who knows, maybe we can breed more although the two penises might be a problem."
And one last animal story to hold you until next week.
Mok and Lai got fired last week. The two were urinating on luggage and sexually harassing women on the job. They worked at Chiang Rai airport as sniffer dogs. Although they were top in their group for sniffing out the bad stuff they were also a bit too naughty.
Mok's former handler at Chiang Rai airport in Thailand said: "He liked to pee on luggage while searching for drugs.
"He also liked to hold on to women's legs. They were strays so their manners were worse than foreign breeds."
The two wayward pooches were sent off to work on a farm.
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