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What Do Teachers Make?

By Samantha A. Torrence     Jun 14, 2007 in World
You have all heard the wise cracks "Teachers make what, a quarter an hour?" " Teachers are paid so little, what a shame!" It is true teachers may not make movie star pay, but they are rewarded far more than we know.
Teachers are the foundation of our society. They are responsible for the knowledge our children are exposed to for 13+ years of their lives. They are to be respected and revered. That is what we are taught right? For the most part I agree, but I do take issue with many teachers abilities to be proper educators for our children. It seems that I am not alone in my opinion. There is a movement that promotes compensation for teachers based on their abilities.
While some disagree and state that a pay based on abilities would inspire unnecessary competition, a Harvard study says otherwise.
A recent study from Harvard shows that the number of smart teachers is declining, while the number of not-so-smart teachers is increasing. Why? “The primary reason for this startling decline in teacher quality…is the elimination of financial rewards for talent.”
Teachers should be compensated for their talent as teachers to not only be able to present information but also to present it in a way that inspires children to learn. Should we reward teachers if their students do well? Or would it inspire unnecessary competition amongst the faculty?
I remember a few inspiring teachers from my time in school, and then there were those who were tired, bitter, sour, sorry excuses of people let alone educators. The Adage "Those who can, do. Those who can't teach." My first reaction is to reject that statement, but in reality it is true in some instances. We have perpetrated this stereotype so much that people are falling into it. Teachers should be those who love to teach, who want to pass on knowledge and shape minds.
Are there any teachers out there? How do you feel?
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