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Mom's Baby Monitor Picks Up Shuttle Atlantis Video

By Chris V. Thangham     Jun 14, 2007 in Entertainment
Natalie Meilinger's baby monitor for her three month old Jack, shows NASA Atlantis Shuttle video images instead of Jack's. Neither NASA nor the baby monitor manufacturer know the reason why.
When a new mom in Palatine went to check her baby monitor recently, she saw a picture that was literally out of this world.
CBS 2's Alita Guillen reports that instead of hearing the coos of her baby boy, it was more like “Hello mission control.”
Natalie Meilinger recently gave birth and keeps a close eye on her 3 and half month old baby boy, Jack via an electronic baby monitor. A video monitor is installed near Jack’s crib and captures his images and sends it to the baby monitor in Natalie’s room. Instead of Jack’s images she received images from outer space almost, video of NASA Atlantis Shuttle video.
“I'm going why am I picking up NASA or the space station, then I just went to bed. Sure enough put it on in the morning and screamed... 'It's NASA! It's a space station! Why are we getting this?'” Meilinger said.
Meilinger couldn’t believe the images she was receiving in the monitor. The baby monitor showed the space shuttle Atlantis docking at the International Space Station, astronaut’s space walk, the earth and mission control images.
Tom Meilinger, Jack's dad, said:
"It's kind of like, rub your eyes again and then here's an astronaut.”
Natalie talked about this to her coworkers but nobody believed it. Her friend also has a similar monitor, she asked her whether they get the images also like this, but her friend didn’t get any other images except her baby’s. Natalie then called the manufacturer, who had no idea about this also.
These images come from the NASA public channel, where they transmit the videos and images as they are available from Space missions. NASA is also surprised how the baby monitor is able to get all these images. But engineers at CBS 2 have figured it out. They think that someone is watching the broadcasts on a wireless internet connection and the frequency matches the one on the baby monitor.
The Meilingers say since discovering the reception they've had the baby monitor on 24 hours a day, but it's not always to watch little Jack.
“What will we see next and will we see something like this again? I don’t know, like I said, there’s been space activity the last few years and we’ve never seen anything like this,” Natalie said.
Japan NTT DoCoMo is trying to have wireless broadcast like this for Senior citizens, so that they can communicate with their family or doctors.
Hopefully Jack will grow up and will broadcast the images from Mars and make their parents even happier.
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