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article imageHuge Bird-Like Dinosaur Discovered

By Tea Lulic     Jun 13, 2007 in Environment
A new finding suggests that a gigantic bird-like dinosaur which weighed as much as a car existed about 70 million years ago. A new found dinosaur was not yet full grown but weighed more than 3,000 pounds.
The dinosaur has been called Gigantoraptor erlianensis and it was only 11 years old when it disappeared. It was found in Inner Mongolia, China.
This huge bird is up to 16 feet tall and 26 feet long. Its relatives were Oviraptorosaurs which weighed 35 times less than Gigantoraptor.
“It’s one thing to find a big dinosaur,” said Matthew Lamanna, assistant curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, “but it’s another thing to find a big dinosaur from a lineage that was thought to be small.” Gigantoraptor also sported some bird like features: loner arm and more avian-like leg (this was not present in its relatives).
Furthermore, this new found dinosaur is also much ganglier than other dinosaurs. If you are wondering what was typical of larger dinosaurs, they had proportionally stouter limbs and shorter lower legs. However, Gigantoraptor had slender limbs and lengthy legs.
“It increases our conception of the diversity of dinosaurs,” Lamanna told LiveScience. We can conclude that Gigantopator had feathers on its tail and arms. However, the scientists suggest that this gigantic bird dinosaur did not need feathers on its body since it did not need such a cold protector.
“It’s unexpected discoveries like this that show, ‘Hey we know a lot about dinosaurs but there’s still so much left that we don’t know,’” Lamanna said.
This is an amazing discovery. I can't even imagine how huge that bird was and how heavy it was also! It makes me wonder again what made these animals extinct. They were absolutely wonderful.
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