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article imageAre video games becoming sexual?

By Aaron Robson     Jun 13, 2007 in Entertainment
The new Soul Calibur IV game answers the question by showing everyone its new Boob job. Sadly enough, video games may be on decline due to sex oriented characters, up the skirt shots, and Nudity mods. Next generation game, or next generation porn?
For years, video games have been adapting to meet the present time standards and interests. But as video games evolve, it is hard not to take notice that some games, may be evolving towards a different audience. It is hard not to notice the sexuality involved in games now.
It has happening, and the sad part about this is that no one seems to be complaining. The reason people are not complaining is not because everyone is sexually excited about digital breast. The reason no one is complaining is because that everyone is used to the sexual references made in video games. They are used to it because it happens everywhere they go.
Some games you will hardly notice the change from before. Take Laura Croft Tomb Raider for example. Back in the 90's when she was originally created, more detail was put into the action rather than her as the main character. Her most recent games, you notice that her top may be slightly lower than normal, and her breast bounce with every jump. And the obvious Soul Calibur game. Before, the game was all about fighting. Now, the game is about fighting and females.
Fortunately this is not happening in every game you see out on the shelfs. But sooner or later, it may be like that. Just remember, were almost one step away from porn in some cases (and some games are already there).
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