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article imageMedicine Hat Horror

By TARE     Jun 13, 2007 in Crime
Jurors wiped away tears and seasoned cops choked back emotion at the beginning of the trial for the 12-year-old girl from Medicine Hat accused of murdering her parents and her little brother.
The eight year old boy was found with his eyes wide open and soaked in his own blood. There was a large wound to his throat and his blood soaked toys were strewn about the room.
It's hard to fathom that this horror was not a scene from one of those bloody violent movies, but was reality. It's hard to fathom that this nightmare was perpetrated by a twelve year old girl and that the victim was her little brother.
Jurors viewed photos of the terrible crime scene. The pictures were too awful to be shown on the video monitors in the courtroom.
Seasoned police officers choked back emotion while describing details of the scene where the eight year old boy, along with his murdered parents, were found.
It was actually another child who discovered the massacre. He stopped by the family's home to see if his friend could come out and play. He saw a body through the window.
The mother was found at the bottom of a set of stairs, her hand still clutching long sandy coloured hairs. She had been stabbed repeatedly. She knew who was killing her.
The father was found with multiple stab wounds. It was clear from the scene that he had struggled violently with his killer. Clearly, the twelve year old child could not have done this alone.
Two different knives were used in the attack. One of the knives still had hairs clinging to it and the tip was bent.
The police found 26 fingerprints on a basement window believed to be the point of entry, including the prints of the girl on trial.
From the beginning, rumours of vampirism and questions about Goth subculture have been swirling around this case. Both accused were members of a website called This is the same website of which the Dawson College killer was a member. There are rumours that the girl and her adult boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke, met on the internet, but friends say they met at a concert.
How much, if any, influence the Goth culture had on this girl's murderous behaviour still doesn't exculpate other portions of society and media who glorify and hunger after violence and gore.
Focus on the Goth culture takes focus away from the fact that a grown man with a history with the police, chose to have an intimate relationship with a child and then helped her murder a family. Exploitation of children is not a "Goth" thing; It's rampant in mainstream society.
More tomorrow.
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