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article imageA Twelve-Year-Old Murderer?

By TARE     Jun 13, 2007 in Crime
A young girl is on trial for murdering her family. She was twelve at the time of the slayings. Her co-accused, who will be tried separately, was 23 at the time. He is her boyfriend.
Does a twelve-year-old really understand death?
Does a twelve-year-old truly understand the reality of what it is to murder someone?
Have they developed cognitively enough at that stage to be capable of real understanding?
When a twelve-year-old child has a boyfriend who is twenty-three years old, is there not something very wrong happening?
If a twelve-year-old and a twenty-three year-old engage in sexual activity, it's a crime according the Criminal Code.
When the 12-year-old girl in Medicine Hat, Alberta, speaks of her boyfriend who is twenty-three, does no one do anything about that? Her parents tried, but what about everyone else?
This 12-year-old girl is on trial for the murders of her mother, her father, and her little brother.
The motive: Her parents didn't like her having a 23-year old boyfriend.
The co-accused will be tried on a separate date. The co-accused is her boyfriend, Jeremy Allan Steinke, now 24-years old.
Whom do you suppose had the power in that situation, the 12-year-old kid or the adult man?
Has he also been charged with sexual offences related to his "girlfriend"?
Last year, when the charges were being read to Steinke, some of his friends were in the courtroom. Who were his friends? Young teenaged girls.
Picture this: These girls were dressed in Goth style outfits and some of them were clinging to teddy bears and crying.
Those kids don't know who in the heck they are yet. They're in that stage where they want to be all grown up, yet they still need the things that children need because they are still children.
And this grown man, who had been in trouble with the law before, is their "friend".
Who else sees something very wrong with that picture?
Talk about having a "yucky feeling".
Although disturbing, this case will be interesting on a social as well as a legal level as it unfolds. We should all learn some things as we watch and consider the issues and implications.
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