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Women Need to Know: Don’t Ignore Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

By S.H. Mills     Jun 13, 2007 in Health
There are some specific signs to watch for that you should not ignore and should not allow your doctor to write off as nothing. Discovering ovarian cancer sooner than later can mean a longer life.
Good Morning America recently did a segment on ovarian cancer. Of course, regular check ups are important, but Dr. Tim Johnson also advised women to watch for a list of certain specific symptoms and then be sure to relay that information to a health-care provider if those symptoms continue.
Dr. Johnson said that women should not discount continuous issues such as bloat, pain in the abdomen, frequency of urination, or a sudden sense of fullness after beginning to eat. Cancer specialists developed this list of warning signs and women should not accept an instant dismissal by doctors if any or all of these signs have been present for more than a couple of weeks.
Johnson said doctors ignore such information from patients “all too often,” noting, "More than a third of the time."
Recognizing these issues is necessary to discover ovarian cancer at early onset in order to treat it more effectively. When found early, women have a better survival rate. If your doctor does not take your concerns seriously, please see another doctor.
*For more information on this serious disease, please visit the American Cancer Society.
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