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Beruit Car Bomb kills News Druze leader Walid Eido

By brooketerra     Jun 13, 2007 in Politics
Targeted due to his opposition toward Damascus, Walid Eido was killed in a car bomb explosion in Beirut today. He had been close to former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who was also assassinated by a car bomb close to two years ago.
Lebanon has always had it's share of conflict and it seems like their always fighting over something. These days it's over the U.N sanctioned Tribunal organised to prosecute those responsible for the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Harri two years ago.
The Syrians probably did it but they don't want anyone poking their noses where they don't belong so they are trying to aggravate a civil war to postpone/end the investigation.
This story hit close to home not just because I have some third cousins who live in Lebanon but because my brother is stationed in Beirut and lives within a few miles of the waterfront. He used to walk down there with his wife and daughters before he sent them to live with his In-Laws while he tries to transfer to another division.
Last year the U.N evacuated Lebanon when things got this bad but this year they seem determined to keep their employees there even after the schools in the Christian district have all closed and the directors are sending their families away for protection. He U.N workers are working in shifts in order to avoid the whole staff being blown to smithereens and have now been partially moved to other locations to work.
But not to worry the security dept assures us that the building is "not unsafe".
I can sleep at night knowing how "not unsafe" our people are, how about you?
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