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Paedophiles To Use Drugs to Repress Urges

By Kyle McColl     Jun 13, 2007 in Health
One of the more interesting and possibly successful ideas to come out of the UK Governments for many years, it has been announced that drugs could now be used on paedophiles to repress their libidos.
In years gone by, the idea that drugs could be used to alter a person's behaviour was the work of science fiction. Few believed that it would work in reality and those that did didn't think it'd come in their lifetime. Well today it has been announced that it has become reality.
Sexual repression drugs and anti-depressants will now be used on known paedophiles to stop them from committing more crimes of this nature.
This is one of several steps that the Government has made to crack down on child molestation and sexual assault crimes.
Parents will now also be able to see if their partners are paedophiles by asking the Government for the data. Although this could be taken as invading some one's privacy, it is important data that parents need to know.
There will also be lie detector tests to see whether paedophiles have started committing crimes again or if they want to. Another innovative solution that, in my opinion, should have been introduced a long time ago.
The scheme will start in April 2008 and the sum for this venture is around the $2 million mark.
Sara Payne, mother of Sarah Payne who was murdered seven years ago by Roy Whiting said about whether using sexual repression drugs on paedophiles should be non-compulsory :
You're placing an honour based system on people that have already shown they have absolutely no honour.
A publicity campaign has also be promised to let people known of the figures about child rape.
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